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Alpine Accessories (KOR)


An olympic Ski Bag.


You must get the Alpine Ace (KOR) outfit.

The Alpine Accessories (KOR) is the Korean variation of the Alpine Accessories back bling item for the game Fortnite: BR. Alpine Accessories (KOR) was released to commemorate the 2018 Winter Olympics and represents South Korea. As with other back bling, this cosmetic back item does not provide any benefits to the player. This item comes along with Alpine Ace (KOR) outfit for free.


The Alpine Accessories (KOR) is a fancy blue and white Olympic Ski bag that carries some Ski accessories with red and blue colors. The accessories and backpack itself cannot be used and does not provide any gameplay advantage to the player.


This back bling is a part of the Winter Ski Set and is the free back bling of the Alpine Ace (KOR) outfit. This back bling can also be paired with other outfits.

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How to Get It

The Alpine Accessories (KOR) back bling can be acquired for free by purchasing the epic outfit Alpine Ace (KOR) for the standard epic outfit price of 1,500 V- Bucks. The outfit cannot be purchased separately.

PNG Images

Alpine Accessories (KOR) high-quality PNG images with transparent background to use them as you wish (YouTube thumbnails, skin concept and so on).

Official Icons

Used in-game to Shop and Locker, credit to Epic Games.


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