floss emote



Express yourself on the battlefield.


Requires the player to reach Tier 49 in Season 2 Battle Pass.

This is another Fortnite Battle Royale emoticon that allows you to express yourself on the battlefield.

Dancing Style

The Floss emote is represented by a character who moves its hands to and fro repeatedly around a specific position. This dancing style is similar to the Backpack kid dance and has gone viral and become very common in many schools across the United Kingdom ever since it was pioneered.

Initially, the Floss dancing style looks ordinary, but the speed at which it is carried worth is actually breathtaking. The Floss character emote can be brought out to taunt and terrorize your opponents after a hard-earned victory. It can also be used to express great dominance as well as celebrate supremacy over your opponents.

How to Get It

Floss emote is not available for purchase but can instead be earned from the Season 2 Battle Pass at Tier 49. Players can equip themselves with 6 emotes/emoticons which will be available on the Emote Wheel whenever the “B” button is pressed on their PC during active gameplay.

Sound Effects




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  1. Edwin


    Is it possible to get battle pass 2 if we are now in 3?

    • Neo

      So far is not possible, maybe in future.

  2. Nomeyy1

    I want to say that I want the dance floss to be in the store because there are kids who really love the floss dance and they can not get it because they were not in season 2 so please add it to the floss store

  3. Nomeyy1

    You can add the dance floss to the store please because I really love it and I was not in season 2

  4. Nomeyy1

    You can make the dance floss just for one day please 21.5.2018 because i have enough v bucks for that please just for one day i really like the dance floss

  5. Nomeyy1

    Your answer is fine but I have to know with the dance floss will be in the store or he will be in season 5 or he will come when he must know that I really want the dance and why he was in season 2 and not 4 Why do I owe it to the store or in season 5

      • Phyrem

        This emote was exclusive to the Season 2 Battle Pass. You can no longer get this emote.

  6. MeetExpectations

    This is just an idea, a trading system between emotes, skins and such. You can put an emote you don’t want for and emote that you really want in a waiting list, say I want the “Floss” and I’m willing to trade “Electro Shuffle” for it. When someone looks on the list and sees that they want “Electro Shuffle” they can trade it for the “Floss.” Trading costs a certain amount of vbucks depending on if its an emote or a skin. Just an Idea I had ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Marek

    I love the floss add it please epic i will pay you $200

  8. X1Darknesslog1X

    Who can gift me a Floss for a legendary skin? my nickname: X1Darknesslog1X

    • Ryan

      No floss is worth way more than that

  9. FatherCay

    most underrated emote in my opinion.. would do anything for it as i was not able to obtain it in season 2 as i did not buy the battle pass or anything until season 3 ๐Ÿ™

  10. Flossisrllygood

    i have it ๐Ÿ˜€ i love this emote if anyone want it just add me TakeMyShotYT
    I am playing the time the game was released i have skull trooper Power chord floss worm Ghoul trooper TakeTheL bestmates robot ride the pony all ๐Ÿ˜€


    bro i no have thinks for this dance this is asome i really right now

  12. Jonathan

    Will there ever be an opportunity to get the emote floss in the later future ?

  13. Curtis

    We need the floss back whether or not it was a battle pass exclusive, epic could make so much more money I know the stacking big at the moment but they could really go beyond and make much more please bring it back

  14. kieran knight

    it my favouite dance

  15. kieran knight

    it my favorite dance

  16. lailah

    i have did this dance before.

  17. Ethan Biddle

    It is the rarest emote in the game only because at the time it was so hard to get on that battlepass and because no one really liked the idea of the battlepass at the time, along with no one played it as much as now. Plus it will never come back to fortnite ever again.

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