ride the pony emote

Ride the Pony


Express yourself on the battlefield.


Requires the player to reach Level 20 in Season 2.

Ride the pony is a very intriguing emote included with the Fortnite: Battle Royale video game that will surely get the attention of every game lover.

Dancing Style

Ride the Pony Fortnite Battle Royale emote is inspired by the Pudgy Checker song “Pony Time” where the feet are kept serenely together without hindering the hands and arm movements. The character hops repeatedly and very quickly on both feet while waving the right hand in a circular motion with left hand placed around the character’s waist. This emote is best initiated whenever you need to affirm your supremacy over your opponents and celebrate an impressive winning streak.

The Ride the Pony emote can be used by Fortnite Battle Royale users to celebrate a series of outstanding performance with a unique and personal feel.

How to Get It

“Ride the Pony” is an Emote you can unlock in Fortnite Season 2 at Level 20. Before the commencement of the game, you can get up to 6 emotes/emoticons which will be available on the Emote Wheel whenever you press the “B” button on your PC while the game is running.

Sound Effects



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