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Rocket Spinner


Don't try this at home!


Can be bought from Cash Shop with 500 V-Bucks.

The Rocket Spinner is the name of one of the rare emote animations for the game Fortnite Battle Royale. Emotes are animations that showcase dance moves or gestures. Emote animations do not have any other function.


The Rocket Spinner Emote animation makes the player surfs on top of a holographic platform tied to holographic rockets. The animation is quite long and features the character turning a full 360 degrees with the hologram.


This rare emote animation is not a part of any set.

How to Get It

This rare emote is available for purchase in the Cash Shop during its random rotation.

fortnite twitch prime pack 2


PNG Images

Rocket Spinner high-quality PNG images with transparent background to use them as you wish (YouTube thumbnails, skin concept and so on).

Official Icons

Used in-game to Shop and Locker, credit to Epic Games.



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  1. SwipedThat

    Who remembers when this had colors instead of being a hologram?

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