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Requires the player to reach Level 10 in Season 3.

Salute is one of the interesting emotes that comes with the Fortnite: Battle Royale video game. This uncommon emote depict a character that shares a striking resemblance with a soldier at ease.

Dancing Style

The Fortnite Battle Royal Salute emote is denoted by a character which raises its right hand to its forehead. Using his emote, you can ride at the back of your sweet kills in the game and demand a bit of respect from your opponents with all confidence while you taunt them and flaunt your achievements. The Salute emote has a strong military undertone that resonates authority and decisiveness that are commonly associated with military personnel. This emote can be used as a complimentary gesture if you are the initiator or insulting gesture if you are at the receiving end.

The Salute emote can also be demonstrated during active gameplay where the character stands at ease to demonstrate a show of force, or to express great dominance over your opponent. Furthermore, the Salute emote can be initiated to celebrate your supremacy over your opponents.


How to get it

The Salute emote can be earned in Fortnite Battle Royale at Tier 10 of the Free Pass of Season 3.

Sound Effects


Official Icons

Used in-game to Shop and Locker, credit to Epic Games.

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  1. Manveer

    I got over level 10 in season 3 and i did not get the Salute emote

  2. Jordyn Faith McLawhorn

    This is amazing!

  3. Vail

    Can someone be able to gift you the salute
    Or anything from the battle pass

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