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Make it snappy.


Can be bought from Cash Shop with 200 V-Bucks.

Snap is the name of one of the uncommon emotes for the game Battle Royale. Emotes are animations that shows either gestures or dances and does not provide any other function.


Snap is a simply emote animation where the player snaps his/her fingers with the left hand to make a snapping sound.


This uncommon emote is not a part of any set.

How to Get It

The Snap emote can be purchased in the Cash Shop during its random rotation.

fortnite twitch prime pack 2

Shop Rotation History

Snap rotation history in the Fortnite Shop. Below you can see the first and last time when Snap could be bought from Item Shop, also how many days was seen and dates list. This cosmetic item can be re-added in the future, so check the store regularly.

If you like to see rotations history for other cosmetics item, please check our shop rotations page.

Last Available:
June 20, 2018
First Seen:
May 21, 2018
Times Seen:
June 20, 2018
May 21, 2018

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