high octane glider

High Octane


Operating at maximum horsepower.


High Octane was a reward in Battle Pass Season 2 at Tier 100.

Glide through the air with maximum horsepower using the High Octane glider.


The High Octane is an epic glider and is part of the Hired Gun set together with the legendary Reaper outfit and the Trusty no. 2 pickaxe. It is black with grey details and red glares, representing octane in fossil fuel fashion.

How to Get It

If you want to unlock the High Octane glider you need purchase the Season 3 Battle Pass and reach tier 100. Reaching tier 100 you need to complete five of the seven-tier 100 challenges. These include:

  • Searching 7 chests in a single match.
  • Playing 10 matches with at least 1 elimination.
  • Dealing 1000 damage to opponents in a single match.
  • Getting 1 pickaxe elimination.
  • Getting 5 eliminations in a single match.
  • Placing top 10 in solo 3 times.
  • Placing top 3 in squads 3 times.

3D Model Showcase


PNG Images

High Octane high-quality PNG images with transparent background to use them as you wish (YouTube thumbnails, skin concept and so on).

Official Icons

Used in-game to Shop and Locker, credit to Epic Games.



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