Best 1200 V-Bucks Fortnite skins

Best 1200 V-Bucks Fortnite skins

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    Appearance in Fortnite is not just for the look of it. Your outfit tells a lot about what kind of a player you are. So it is important to look gorgeous. Choosing an interesting and rare skin is a good way to make right impression on other players. Though all 1200 V-Bucks skins are rare, not all rare skins could be purchased for V-Bucks. And sometimes rare skins may be really hard to get in-game. So if you want to simply buy a cool skin – that top is what you should check out without a doubt.

    10. Autumn Queen

    Have you seen “Frozen”? Than you know how different Anna and Elsa are. I think? That if Anna had magic powers like Elsa, she would have been the Autumn Queen. It is definitely a unique concept for a Fortnite skin. Autumn queen is a part of Changing Seasons set. She was last seen in the item shop in the end of November. I hope she will be back soon. Maybe next autumn, at least.

    9. Haze

    Is she a demon or a rock star? In my honest opinion – she is a little bit of both. Haze really like to change her clothes and hair color. This is what rock stars do, right? So there are four selectable styles: Default, Extreme, Tough Luck and Auric. Each one of them look very cool and demonic. And each one has a different hair color, but you still always can see that it is still her. She has a habit of showing herself in the item shop once in 32 days. At least consider meeting her there!

    8. Focus

    Nothing goes unseen near Focus. But Focus goes unseen for everyone else. Perfect mix of an interesting design with neutral color scheme. Thou there is some vivid blue pieces – they are in harmony with the whole outfit. This is definitely an advantage for your gaming experience – Focus is almost invisible to other players. And still she has a very good look. Tight leather, belts, gloves, band aids, bio-mechanical parts. She becomes available in the item store once in 34 days.

    7. Dummy

    Are you a child of late 1990s or early 2000s? Then you’ll probably drop a nostalgia tear right now. I am not saying, that we have played with exactly the same toys, but it is definitely something similar. Dummy also look a little bit like one of “Love Death and Robots’’ characters. He has two selectable styles: Default and Carbon Fiber. You can find him in the store once in 35 days.

    6. Farmer Steel

    Speaking of “Love Death and Robots” here comes a farmer with cyborg legs. Sometimes, when it comes to ridiculous mixing of cultures, something great is born. Farmer Steel – is a good example of that. There are a bunch of factors leading humanity to that kind of future. And if we still living in 21st century you may be a cyborg-farmer in Fortnite. Sad news – Farmer Steel have not been available in the item shop for almost a year now. Let’s hope he will be back again.

    5. Victoria Saint

    This skin was released on October 2020 and it has already become very popular in Fortnite. And there is nothing unusual about that. Old style vampire inspired look. Classic color scheme. Golden lines on black clothes. Glass capsule full of red blood. I can see in her eyes that she has lived on this Earth for hundreds of years. There are two selectable styles: Default and No Hat. You can find her in the item store once in 35 days.

    4. Shifu

    From Chinese shifu means master, teacher, tutor. Remember Pai Mei from Tarantino’s “Kill Bill”? Shifu outfit is basically a copy of him. Just the look of him makes me want to break wood with my bare hands! In that skin you will just leave your opponents without any chance of survival. But death is mercy compared to what will he do if he sees someone eating without sticks. He is so busy training that he comes to the item shop once in 127 days.

    3. Siren

    Noir diva who came in this world out of 1950s movie. Blond hair, leather jacket, long gloves and a missing eye. Where did she lost it? Nobody knows. There are two selectable styles: Default and Noir. She becomes available in the item shop once in 32 days.


    2. Baba Yaga

    Baba Yaga originally is antagonist personage from Slavic mythology. She appears in different tell tales and bedtime stories. Actually in some stories you can’t even tell is she evil or good. A big surprise is that this skin turned out very good. There are a lot of details in that look, which makes it look layered and textured. Just look at all these little mushrooms. This is a Halloween special skin, so let’s hope we will see it again in the next October.

    1. Sparkplug

    A female mechanic. How cool is that? Sparkplug is like Kaylee Frye, who was a ship engineer on “Serenity”, from “Firefly” series. Jean jumpsuit, tattoos, fingerless gloves. What do you think her smart bracelet is about? Every 29 days this outfit becomes available in the item shop.




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