Best tryhard skins and combos in Fortnite

Best tryhard skins and combos in Fortnite

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    Best Tryhard Skins and Combos

    Which is the fastest way to recognize an experienced player in Fortnite? Look at his skin of course! Most competitive players care about their appearance in-game and choose the best and sweatiest outfits. But this is not the only reason to check out the Top-10 best tryhard skins. You may also choose a skin for yourself to make the right impression on your opponents. And more than that, in this list you may find the best combos for all the sweatiest skins!


    1. Scarlet Commander

    She has a combination of black and red colors, tight latex, a bullet belt, sunglasses, a glove, and a cap. She looks dangerous already! Scarlet Commander will look even cooler with Molten Crested Cape, Frozen Shroud, Ridgeback, First Order, or Tahna. Anyway, you can find “Unknown and Unforgettable” in the Item Shop. She shows up there once in 37 days. It is an Uncommon outfit that costs 800 V-Bucks

    1. Kuno

    A combination of grey hair and band-aids, blue clothes, and brown accessories look so impressively neutral. It is an advantage if you like to attack unexpectedly and if you just like calm colors which do not look extravagantly. Kuno looks like she is always ready for a good fight. To make that look complete you can choose to use Wolfpack, Shattered Wing, Enduring Cape, Mini Moon, or Corrupted Bladed Wings. Once in 35 days, Kuno becomes available in the Item Shop. And all you need to do to “Master the Art of Deception” is to purchase this Epic outfit for 1500 V-Bucks.

    1. Crystal

    Double high ponytails, tight camouflage jeans, a belt with massive pockets, a blue turtle-neck crop top, cool fingerless gloves, and round glasses. Crystal will look even more dangerous with Battle Shroud, Infinite Bloom, Retribution, Deadpool’s Katanas, or Shadowbird wings. You can purchase this Uncommon outfit once in 33 days. 800 V-Bucks is a reasonable price for a girl with “Clarity, wits, and vision”. 

    1. Chaos Agent

    A total black classy suit and red tie combined with a gas-helmet or human head-shaped black substance, depending on which selectable style you will choose. To make this skin more unique you can add a Back Bling. For example, Dark Matter, Long Legs, Padlock, Manta Pack, or Kylo’s Cape would look cool on this character. You can purchase Epic Chaos Agent skin once in 37 days in the Item Shop for 1500 V-Bucks. It is all you need to do to “Undermine the Order From the Shadows”.


    1. Dummy

    Remember playing with similar toys in your childhood? Good news – if you’re not a child anymore – you can still play with toys online. Dummy has two selectable styles: Default and Carbon Fiber. You can combine Carbon Fiber with Signal Hub, Blast Radius, or Gauge. As for the Default you better choose Sun Sprout, Bomber Bag, or Firestarter. You can purchase this Rare outfit once in 33 days in the Item Shop for 1200 V-Bucks. And don’t forget to “Look out!”. 

    1. Siren

    The queen of noir wears a black leather jacket with gloves and a white blouse. And she never forgets her eye patch her choker and red lipstick. You can combine this look with Atmosphere, The Dark Knight Movie Cloak, Stitches, Burgle Bag, or Shadow Jet Set. Even thou Siren has two selectable styles: Default and Noir – those back bling will work with either of them. “Unforgettable and Inescapable” shows up in the Item Shop once in 33 days. This Rare skin costs 1200 V-Bucks

    1. Focus

    White hair, dark blue tight leather clothes, band-aids, leather belts, metal armor pieces, cool different gloves, and a camera instead of a face. To make Focus skin even more interesting and unusual you can add Ark Wings, Black Hole, High Caliber, Offworld Rig, or Ice Sparks. Purchase rare Focus skin in the item store once in 33 days for 1200 V-Bucks is all you need to do to “Visualize the Future”. 

    1. Echo

    Black and white clothes, laconic details, and futuristic glasses. Echo has two selectable styles: Default and Inverted. You can combine each one of them with Fallen Wings, Stark Satchel, Blast Radius, Bull Shield, or Dual Kama. Echo is a Rare outfit. Once in 40 days, she becomes available in the item store for 1200 V-Bucks. Watch out, she can make you look for an answer to an important question: “Are you real, or just a reflection?”.

    1. Manic

    Manic has black clothes and armor, tattoo sleeves, a red face mask, and a helmet. You can make a great combination with Backup Plan, Dark Matter, Lil’ Kev, Manta Pack, or Cactus Jack. You can purchase an Uncommon Manic outfit once in 34 days for 800 V-Bucks and “Show them your game face”.

    1. Aura

    Red hair, yellow hat, white and red sweater, tight jeans, fingerless gloves, tribal symbols, and massive golden pieces. A Molten Crested Cape, Atmosphere, Gold Dagger Pack, Hot Wing, or Long Legs Back Bling will be a good addition to the Aura skin. She shows up in the Item Shop once in 32 days. Purchase this Uncommon outfit for 800 V-Bucks to “Get the goods in style”. 

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