How do I know the value of a skin in Fortnite?

How do I know the value of a skin in Fortnite?

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    Fortnite is a top-rated game. There’s no doubt about that. And players who have accumulated a lot of experience and achievements can profitably sell their account to those who care about getting everything ready and not achieving the result themselves! For example, PlayerAuctions offers players to estimate the approximate value of their Fornite account using a specially designed calculator.


    Only some people want to sell accounts, but a calculator might be useful! Someone is simply interested in understanding how much he was able to achieve. What are his achievements and skins worth? Only some people want to scour the forums – you can evaluate your efforts with the help of a simple program!

    Accounts that own skins obtained during temporary promotions are considered valuable, even more so than those obtained during the past season. It is only possible to get such skins of the past if you buy them with your account. That’s why the cost of a Fortnite account can grow significantly precisely due to skins that can no longer be obtained!


    The same goes for the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass is part of the continuous progression system, while the Season Pass is only tied to one season. The higher a player’s ratings in these passes, the higher their account is. In the Battle Pass, they help to get progress, including battle stars received for the experience gained in the season pass.

    Banners also play a role – they show the level of progress achieved. With the help of color changes and many other elements, you can show how far the player has progressed in Fortnite. This means that the owner of a more advanced banner and account will be paid much more.

    And then there are emotions, routes for skydiving, various tools for harvesting … And some of them, just like skins, can be rarer, and therefore more valuable. The number of cosmetic items in the game has already reached several thousand! And they are often so helpful that the same skins can cost several thousand dollars each.


    To calculate the exact cost, you need to go to, register (free), and add all the cosmetic items you have to your wishlist. After that, the amount will be calculated, not the total. For example, skins for the Battle Pass are regarded as part of the set, and their value is very high and separate from it!

    To find at least the amount below, which your account will obviously not cost, add several “own” items to the wish list every day. This is time-consuming and lengthy, so it’s easier to stretch it this way. Once the site could connect to accounts and read information automatically, the developers felt that this still interfered with the safety of players.

    By the way, officially, players can neither sell nor buy accounts – they will be banned for this. There is a significant risk that it is worth logging in from another device or from another region, as a ban will be committed. And they can also complain about the seller to the developers – and there will be no more sellers. In addition, if the buyer wants to change the player’s name, he will be able to do this only two weeks after the last name change. This also sometimes creates difficulties when buying and selling an account.

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