How to Get 0 Ping in Fortnite

How to Get 0 Ping in Fortnite

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    Are you tired of losing just because your connection is not really good? It is physically impossible for you to be faster than your opponent, all thanks to the delay between your actual command and the moment it works. It can be disappointing, especially if that happens all the time. How to fix this problem once and for all? Lower your ping of course! Let’s get this straight, a ping is a signal sent to a host that requests a response. It serves two purposes: to check if the host is available; to measure the time for response to take. The minimum ping possible is the key to the best gaming experience. Zero ping is actually impossible because data need some time to travel anyway. But it is possible to lower ping, take it close to zero. And also, there is an option in Fortnite that gives you the possibility to measure your ping in the game, while you play. It is a little bit inaccurate, so when your ping is very low it shows zero. That is exactly what we want to see. It does not really matter whether you playing any gaming console or your personal computer. You may be interested in specifics like how to get 0 ping in Fortnite on Xbox One or PlayStation. But all tips which make any remarkable difference are basically the same.  


    Wi-Fi or Ethernet Connection

    It might be obvious to some people that the quality of your internet connection depends on which type of connection you have: wired or wireless. But for someone, it is not apparent at all. Gosh, some people may think that Wi-Fi connection is innovative and which is why faster. Connecting your device via Ethernet cable makes a huge difference. That is the best way to make your internet a lot faster. This option may seem hard to achieve, especially if your router placement is on the other side of the apartment. That problem is kind of popular, so as we know where is request – there soon will be an offer or a solution. In that case, we already have a few ways to solve this little problem. 

    The first one is the cheapest. It is also very simple. Connect your device via a really long Ethernet cable. Which disadvantages this way has? None! Almost none. It is hard to imagine a person who would not mind a huge cable crossing the whole house. It will make a huge influence on the aesthetic side, not in a positive way. So if a long Ethernet cable is not an option for you – you can still achieve a wired connection. That is what Powerline adapters and MoCA adapters are made for! 

    Powerline Adapter – it is basically a pair of devices that will save you from trying to get a very long Ethernet cable in the right place. With those adapters, you just won’t need them. Plug them in sockets – one where your router is, other where your device (computer or game console or whatever you need) is. Connect one to your router via an Ethernet port or USB port. And other to your device. How does that work? Your original house wiring serves you as the long Ethernet cable. So it is still a wired connection, but it is invisible. Attention, if your house wiring is old, or just not very good – that might not work for you. So if you seriously consider purchasing a powerline adapter – make sure you’re buying it from a place with a good return policy. Just in case it would not work for you. 

    MoCA (Multimedia over Coax Alliance) adapters are more complex. But they usually work better than powerline adapters. Thou the principle is kind of the same – MoCA adapters are connected via coaxial cables instead of standard house wiring. That is what makes the connection better, and this is why it is not as simple as powerline adapters: coaxial ports are not everywhere in the house. So if there are not any coaxial ports near the device that you want to connect – you should use the MoCA Network Extender instead of the second adapter. So you can connect the MoCA adapter to your router and MoCA Network Extender to the closest to your device coaxial port. It will shorten most of the way through the house, but it still going to be a piece of cable through a smaller part of your apartment. 

    Which solution is the ultimate for you? It is completely your choice. But remember – a wired internet connection is always better than Wi-Fi. It is probably going to be the greatest influence on lowering your ping. 

    If for any reason you can’t have a wired connection – at least try and get as close to a Wi-Fi router as possible

    Change Your Gaming Server

    There are different servers in-game. And when you are playing on a server whose location is far from you, it takes a while to send your data there and back. Sending data is not so different from sending postcards. It is got to travel through a few hosts to get to the final destination point (server). Of course, it happens much faster than such replacements of any physical object. But still, if you are making your data travel all around the globe – do not be surprised when the server is not giving you a fast response. So all you got to do to fix that problem – is open the game’s Settings page and change your Matchmaking Region. For the best experience, you need to choose a location that is nearest to your location. This way your data will travel fast, and so will the server response. 

    Check Your Internet Package

    You should check if your internet service provider gives you enough speed to play online games. Maybe it is time to change your internet tariff or even provider. Of course, fast internet might be pricy, but if you want to play with no delay – that is the price you got to pay. 

    Change Your DNS Server

    If anything is still wrong with your internet connection, consider changing your DNS Server. A DNS server is a server that manages the domain name system or DNS protocols, matching Internet domain names and IP addresses. Your internet speed and security depend on how fast is the DNS Server that you use. At least try and change it!

    Close Any Other Programs 

    Get yourself a helpful habit – close all background applications before you will start playing. Nothing must interfere with your network while you play. Open programs running in the background that affect your system and network speed. It may also cause overheating of your device. To close all background applications on your personal computer just open your Task Manager, choose all tasks that you are not going to be needing while you play, and click on the “End Task” button. 

    How to Get 0 Ping on PC (Personal Computer)

    Things that were said above work for any device. To get a little bit more specific let’s talk about ways to lower your latency on your personal computer

    Check Out For Viruses 

    Any kind of viruses, worms, spyware, etcetera might affect your computer. This destructive malware can slow down your system’s performance and network stability. So use an anti-malware program more often to check for viruses and to get rid of them, in case they are found. 

    Choose One Antivirus and Stick With It

    Antiviruses are always working in the background. And there is nothing you can do with the fact, that they are stealing your network speed and system productivity. Also, it is important to have antivirus, so your computer would be protected. What to do in this situation? Choose the most effective one and forget about the other ones. 

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