Massive cooperation with the anime Dragon Ball

Massive cooperation with the anime Dragon Ball

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    Epic Games has established massive cooperation in Fortnite – with the anime Dragon Ball. 

    The designers published an image of a dragon on social networks with the caption: “Speak. Name your wish…” Fortnite fans have also noticed that the lobby’s background has changed. Now there is Master Roshi’s house on a small island.

    Four fantastic famous characters from the anime have arrived in the game. Sure thing, the developers not only added skins of the local characters but also prepared a lot of exciting content. That is the topic of this article below.

    Dragon Ball Skins in Fortnite

    Item Shop sells skins for 

    • Son Goku
    • Vegeta
    • Bulma
    • Beerus. 

    In addition, other themed cosmetic items are sold there. The game also includes the skins for capsules

    Also, players participating in the Awaken Your Power event will get back decorations of Dragon Radar. Also, expect related emotes, sprays, and Battle Pass levels for the reward. All of that goes for completing temporary tasks due August 30.

    New Dragon Ball Challenges

    Those temporary Dragon Ball quests are surely rewarded. Players can get more additional levels! That unlocks various cosmetic items in the Dragon Ball Power Unleashed tab. Completing three warm-up missions attains first Dragon Ball. Gathering all seven Dragon Balls is the ultimate task of the collab.

    Duel boards

    Duel boards appeared in the game for the duration of the cooperation. In special packs, players can select the anime character Goku’s abilities, such as “Kamehameha” and “Soaring Cloud (Kinton).” Of course, not in competitive modes. There is a new place to search for loot – the kami abode, the famous house from the Dragon Ball universe. The duel boards replaced the Wanted boards, so they are in the same places.

    Floating cloud and Kamehameha

     Both Cloud and Kamehameha are in the capsules. Look for those! The capsules are shown on the map during the match. You can also buy abilities from a character located at the training house.

    Note that this must be done in different matches.

    Dragon Ball Vending Machine

    Vending Machines are regular machines that were on our island before the update. After the patch, they underwent a rebranding but remained essentially the same. Buying an item here works as a quest for now.


    Destroying objects using the Kamehameha Move will bring players additional bonuses. Select an item in your inventory, hold the attack button, choose a direction, and wait for the charge to fire! 

    Travel on the Floating Cloud 

    A cute atmospheric item called “Floating Cloud” allows players to travel around the island. That is a boost and a quest at the same time. Select the cloud in your inventory and then click on the attack button.

    DBZS episodes

    Moreover, the Dragon Ball Super episodes are shown directly in the game. The show starts on August 16 and ends on September 17, 2022. The Discover tab contains the schedule of the Festival. Fortnite players may see episodes 9 to 13, plus episodes 81 and 98


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