Fortnite Leaked & Upcoming Skins

Here is a list of all leaked and upcoming skins that will be added shortly in Fortnite Battle Royale. Some items may be added this week, or in the future, we will have to see what Epic Games will do.

Fortnite Leaked Skins

All of the leaked skins can be found in the source file of Fortnite; we use UE Viewer (Unreal Model Viewer) for datamining through the game files. If one of the cosmetic items has been added in the game and is still on the leaked page, please let us know by adding your comment below.

Upcoming Skins


Source: Item Shop

Corral the competition.

Check it out!


Source: Item Shop

Prepare for interstellar hop.

Check it out!

Cryo Hops

Source: Item Shop

The bunny's just chilling.

Check it out!
Oppressor Outfit


Source: ???

Out of time, and out for vengeance.

Freestyle Outfit


Source: ???

Follow the beat. Secure the win.

Fennix Outfit


Source: ???

Never outfoxed.

Shifu Outfit


Source: ???

Master of harmonious victory.

Recon Ranger Outfit

Recon Ranger

Source: ???

Expert field intel ranger.

Grit Outfit


Source: ???

The will and skill to outlast.

Astro Assassin Outfit

Astro Assassin

Source: ???

Out of this atmosphere.

Shot Caller Outfit

Shot Caller

Source: ???

It's your move. Take your shot.

Airhead Outfit


Source: ???

Pop into action.

Bao Bros Outfit

Bao Bros

Source: ???

Steamed up and ready for action.

Exo-Spine Back Bling


Source: ???

Always carry a spare.

Backbeat Back Bling


Source: ???

Live loud.

Banner Shield Back Bling

Banner Shield

Source: ???

Customise your look by choosing a Banner and colour in your locker.

Foxpack Back Bling


Source: ???

Sly and spikey.

Kunai Shield Back Bling

Kunai Shield

Source: ???

Sharp and steady.

Tri-Pack Back Bling


Source: ???

Light it up.

Bao Basket Bundle

Bao Basket

Source: ???

Steamy and savory.

Utility Pack Back Bling

Utility Pack

Source: ???

Everything you need.

Plasmatic Edge Pickaxe

Plasmatic Edge

Source: ???

Calibrated for absolute domination.

Spikeclone Pickaxe


Source: ???

Sleek and spiky.

Wisdom's Edge Pickaxe

Wisdom's Edge

Source: ???

Know your blade as you know yourself.

Power Punch Pickaxe

Power Punch

Source: ???

Overload them.

Shard Sickle Pickaxe

Shard Sickle

Source: ???

Harness the mysterious butterfly effect.

Metro Machetes Pickaxe

Metro Machetes

Source: ???

Street smart and impossibly sharp.

Souped Up Pickaxe

Souped Up

Source: ???

Victory by the spoonful.

Plasma Carrot Pickaxe

Plasma Carrot

Source: ???

So good you can almost taste it.

Infectious Emote


Source: ???

Let it take over.

Very Sneaky Emote

Very Sneaky

Source: ???

Stealth mode engaged.

Distracted Emote


Source: ???

Plan of attack... entirely forgotten.

B.R.U.T.A.L. Dab Emote

B.R.U.T.A.L. Dab

Source: ???

Mecha flex on 'em.

Rush Glider


Source: ???

It's a rush!

Helium Glider


Source: ???

Lighter than air.

Angled Fire Wrap

Angled Fire

Source: ???

Show your style.

Clockwork Wrap


Source: ???

Show your style.

Cuddle Camo Wrap

Cuddle Camo

Source: ???

Show your style.

Red Camo Wrap

Red Camo

Source: ???

Show your style.

Red Plastic Wrap

Red Plastic

Source: ???

Show your style.

White Dragon Wrap

White Dragon

Source: ???

Show your style.

Eternal Zero Wrap

Eternal Zero

Source: ???

Show your style.

Blue Camo Wrap

Blue Camo

Source: ???

Show your style.

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