fortnite leaked upcoming skins

Fortnite Leaked & Upcoming Skins

Here is a list of all leaked and upcoming skins that will be added shortly in Fortnite Battle Royale. Some items may be added this week, or in the future, we will have to see what Epic Games will do.

All of the leaked skins can be found in the source file of Fortnite; we use UE Viewer (Unreal Model Viewer) for datamining through the game files. If one of the cosmetic items has been added in the game and is still on the leaked page, please let us know by adding your comment below.

3D Model Preview

Fallen Love Ranger Outfit

Fallen Love Ranger

Love hurts.
Lil Whip Outfit

Lil Whip

Whipped up, and ready to serve.
Rebel Outfit


Oppose the establishment.
Revolt Outfit


Conquer the system.
Instinct Outfit


Victory comes naturally.
Fallen Wings Back Bling
Back Bling

Fallen Wings

Ready to rebound.
Board Bag Back Bling
Back Bling

Board Bag

Ready for the grind.
Cannister Carrier Back Bling
Back Bling

Cannister Carrier

Spray it, don't say it.
Sno Cone Back Bling
Back Bling

Sno Cone

A neverending treat.
Reaction Tank Back Bling
Back Bling

Reaction Tank

Daydream Emote


Dance the day away.
Jamboree Emote


Celebrate anything and everything.
Overdrive Emote


Push it past the limit.
Cuddle Paw Pickaxe

Cuddle Paw

Cuddle up with claws.
Ice Pop Pickaxe

Ice Pop

It can take a lickin'.
Crossroads Pickaxe


This can go one of two ways...
Squid Striker Pickaxe

Squid Striker

Speak softly and carry a giant squid.
Flimsie Flail Pickaxe

Flimsie Flail

Flop til they drop.
Uni-horn Pickaxe


Take the competition by the horn.
Longhorn Pickaxe


Corral the competition.
Extra Cheese Glider

Extra Cheese

Slice through the sky.
Ice Cream Cruiser Glider

Ice Cream Cruiser

Melty at every altitude.
Rush Glider


It's a rush!
Helium Glider


Lighter than air.
Steadfast Glider


Sprinkles Wrap


Show your style.
Chromatic Wrap


Show your style.

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      Right now, based on leaks, the Rose Team Leader and Warpaint will release when STW releases, which is aimed around mid-Season 5.

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    Tipicos skins para provincianos coje matambres

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    Vertex, Forerunner, and Razor Edge just came out

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    The vertex skin and Royale Bomber have been released!

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      The Royale Bomber was released to only one person. It isn’t out yet.

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    Description for True Heart is <3

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    Heard that red knight is coming back soon is that true?

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      They did it with Battle Hound, so it’s likely this may happen.

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    The Cluefinder was also released with the Hardboiled set.

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  44. Rocket Spinner has released but it’s a RARE but it’s still has released

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    Oblivion , Destabilize, and Terminus are in the shop currently and shouldn’t be in the leaked items section anymore.

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    do you know if the raptor will come back to item shop??

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    Frozen shroud is ragnarok btw, its already in the game. 🙂

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    Twist is released on july 14, remove it from the leaked list

  54. I Have been using this website for a very long timeand every name, skin, back bling, glider, pickaxe, and emote has been correct. Good job 10/10 (;

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    Welp the boogie down is free

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    Enforcer is out and available for those who did “Road Trip” challenges.

  104. Road Trip Skin

    Enforcer is out (Road Trip Skin)

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    I like straw ops but I m not sure if I really want to get her … she kind of looks like something I would see in my nightmares lol , but I really don’t want to miss this chance of getting her because she could be real rare one day

    I have also heard of heaps of stories going around that brite bommer is turning evil , I believe it even more now that I have seen thunder smash.

    ps: this site is very helpful 🙂

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    Drop the base is pretty lit xd. Wonder what the portal back bling is for though… 🤔

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    I have a feeling the new skin is van helsing or sticking to the marvel thanos theme its gonna be red skull

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    Hollowhead, the carver, and behold have already been released (all yesterday)

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    Hollowhead/Mouldering Cape, Carver Axe and Behold Emote have already been out

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    I want the soccer skin come back ;(

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    Best website ever,I can rely here on the new stuff I can buy instead of wasting my vbucks on old stuff.

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    Is the ghoul trooper coming back out ? That you know of or will it drop on the 31st??…

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    Can we get Steadfast out already?

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    Jack Gourdon was in the today’s shop, remove it from the list

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    Jack gourdon has been released

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    Jack Gourdon and Moonrise are in the shop

  157. Pan1c_Po1nt

    Bruh where tf is the twitch prime pack??????????

    • Elmo

      New Twitch prime pack with Elmo in it coming soon

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    im so exited about fortnitemares

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    im so exited about fortnitemares

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    What will be coming in the fortnitemares update like will the ghoul trooper return??

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    That back pack #6 (Galaxy) back bling looks awesome! Can’t wait!

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    Patch patroller is in shop

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    I hope that texting comes out

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    Is Criss Cross Electro Swing? Correct me if I’m wrong but the def. looks like it so I don’t know

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    When are skin moniker comes in a shop

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    When does electro swing come back out