Fortnite Leaked & Upcoming Skins

Here is a list of all leaked and upcoming skins that will be added shortly in Fortnite Battle Royale. Some items may be added this week, or in the future, we will have to see what Epic Games will do.

Fortnite Leaked Skins

All of the leaked skins can be found in the source file of Fortnite; we use UE Viewer (Unreal Model Viewer) for datamining through the game files. If one of the cosmetic items has been added in the game and is still on the leaked page, please let us know by adding your comment below.

Upcoming Skins


Source: Item Shop

Corral the competition.

Check it out!


Source: Item Shop

Prepare for interstellar hop.

Check it out!

Cryo Hops

Source: Item Shop

The bunny's just chilling.

Check it out!
Singularity Outfit


Source: ???

The first and the last.

Flare Outfit


Source: ???

Burn bright.

Nitebeam Outfit


Source: ???

Beaming with luminous energy.

Starfish Outfit


Source: ???

Queen of the reef.

Summer Drift Outfit

Summer Drift

Source: ???

Drifting through the sunshine.

Beach Bomber Outfit

Beach Bomber

Source: ???

Make the beach party brite!

Bigfoot Outfit


Source: ???

International man of mystery.

Biz Outfit


Source: ???

Nothing personal, it's just business.

Breakpoint Outfit


Source: ???

Disrupt. Distract. Dominate.

Dare Outfit


Source: ???

Dare to dream.

Doublecross Outfit


Source: ???

Never turn your back.

Flutter Outfit


Source: ???

Take flight.

Focus Outfit


Source: ???

Visualize the future.

Heist Outfit


Source: ???

Get in. Get Out. Get paid.

Pillar Outfit


Source: ???

This isn't even my final form.

Vector Outfit


Source: ???

Control the variables, control the battle.

Gage Outfit


Source: ???

Instigate. Escalate. Overcome.

King Flamingo Outfit

King Flamingo

Source: ???

Some of us were born to fly...

Shot Caller Outfit

Shot Caller

Source: ???

It's your move. Take your shot.

Bolt Outfit


Source: ???

Fearless stormfighter.

Plastic Patroller Outfit

Plastic Patroller

Source: ???

Toy with the competition.

Toy Trooper Outfit

Toy Trooper

Source: ???

Molded for victory.

Airhead Outfit


Source: ???

Pop into action.

Bao Bros Outfit

Bao Bros

Source: ???

Steamed up and ready for action.

Wonder Outfit


Source: ???

Inspire wonder.

Neo Phrenzy Back Bling

Neo Phrenzy

Source: ???

Phase through the firewall.

Anemone Back Bling


Source: ???

Pleasantly hypnotic.

Lumi Core Green Back Bling

Lumi Core Green

Source: ???

Don't tap the glass.

Lumi Core Red Back Bling

Lumi Core Red

Source: ???

Do not disturb.

Oozie Back Bling


Source: ???

Stay hydrated.

Brite Board Back Bling

Brite Board

Source: ???

Shred the sunshine.

Carapace Back Bling


Source: ???

Naturally thick skinned.

Chuck Pack Back Bling

Chuck Pack

Source: ???

Wield responsibly.

Cooler Back Bling


Source: ???

Pack a snack.

Floral Shell Back Bling

Floral Shell

Source: ???

Seaside style.

Flutter Wings Back Bling

Flutter Wings

Source: ???

Float like a butterfly.

Glow Jet Back Bling

Glow Jet

Source: ???

Rated for all known atmospheres.

Signal Jammer Back Bling

Signal Jammer

Source: ???

Nothing gets through.

Smoothie Back Bling


Source: ???

Blended banana buddy.

Streamline Back Bling


Source: ???

Streamlined style.

Tiny Totem Back Bling

Tiny Totem

Source: ???

Carved in the likeness of victory.

Brave Bag Back Bling

Brave Bag

Source: ???

Brave and blue.

Color Guard Back Bling

Color Guard

Source: ???

Forever bold.

Quack Pack Back Bling

Quack Pack

Source: ???

Everybody duck.

Hexxed Back Bling


Source: ???

Caution: Haunted.

Ocular Back Bling


Source: ???

Always watching.

Utility Pack Back Bling

Utility Pack

Source: ???

Everything you need.

Bao Basket Back Bling

Bao Basket

Source: ???

Steamy and savory.

Conch Cleaver Pickaxe

Conch Cleaver

Source: ???

A gift from the deep.

Dual Edge Pickaxe

Dual Edge

Source: ???

Slicing through the dimensional planes.

Fixation Pickaxe


Source: ???

Sharp, focused, and relentless.

Low'n Slow Pickaxe

Low 'n Slow

Source: ???

Lock in the flavor of victory.

Shard Sickle Pickaxe

Shard Sickle

Source: ???

Harness the mysterious butterfly effect.

Splintered Light Pickaxe

Splintered Light

Source: ???

Share the light.

Talons Pickaxe


Source: ???

Claw your way to the top.

Flycatcher Pickaxe


Source: ???

Never cross a caterpillar.

star star star star star No Rating Unreleased Lawnbreaker Pickaxe

star star star star star No Rating Unreleased Lawnbreaker

Source: ???

Rule the lawn with an iron beak.

Vivid Axe Pickaxe

Vivid Axe

Source: ???

Brighten the battle.

Wild Tangent Pickaxe

Wild Tangent

Source: ???

Find the impossible angle.

Metro Machetes Pickaxe

Metro Machetes

Source: ???

Street smart and impossibly sharp.

Plasma Carrot Pickaxe

Plasma Carrot

Source: ???

So good you can almost taste it.

Bouncer Emote


Source: ???

Hop on.

Deep End Emote

Deep End

Source: ???

Dive in.

Deep Dab Emote

Deep Dab

Source: ???

Bring 'em down to your level.

Featherweight Emote


Source: ???

Do you even lift?

Jumping Jacks Emote

Jumping Jacks

Source: ???

Get jacked!

Savor The W Emote

Savor The W

Source: ???

This is what winning looks like.

Man o' War Glider

Man o' War

Source: ???

Behold the splendor of the sea. From a safe distance.

Camp Cruiser Glider

Camp Cruiser

Source: ???

It's his now.

Crop Duster Glider

Crop Duster

Source: ???

Prepare for the harvest.

Driftstream Glider


Source: ???

Prepare for interdimensional drift.

Ion Glider


Source: ???

Glide beyond the edge of science.

Megabat Glider


Source: ???

Soar with the storm.

Payload Glider


Source: ???

A megaton of smiles.

Rush Glider


Source: ???

It's a rush!

Helium Glider


Source: ???

Lighter than air.

Steadfast Glider


Source: ???


Souped Up Pickaxe

Souped Up

Source: ???

Victory by the spoonful.

Core Wrap


Source: ???

Show your style.

Kitsune Wrap


Source: ???

Show your style.

Bizzy Wrap


Source: ???

Show your style.

Blue Camo Wrap

Blue Camo

Source: ???

Show your style.

Brite Stars Wrap

Brite Stars

Source: ???

Show your style.

Flowerprint Wrap


Source: ???

Show your style.

Neon Tropics Wrap

Neon Tropics

Source: ???

Show your style.

Scanline Wrap


Source: ???

Show your style.

Green Toy Wrap

Green Toy

Source: ???

Show your style.

Grey Toy Wrap

Grey Toy

Source: ???

Show your style.

Beachballs Skydiving Trail


Source: ???

Get the party started.

Water Balloon Toy

Water Balloon

Source: ???


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We've resolved an issue causing players to experience higher ping and other server performance problems.

Please let us know if you're still experiencing these issues by reporting it in the in-game Feedback system with the title "Increased Ping" or comment on our social channels.

We're currently investigating an issue where freezing a Smasher in Save the World may cause your game to crash. We're working towards a fix! 🛠️


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