absolute zero outfit

Absolute Zero


Freeze out the competition.


Can be bought from Cash Shop with 1,200 V-Bucks.

The Absolute Zero is the name of one of the rare costumes for a male character for the game Fortnite: Battle Royale.


Absolute Zero is a male-only outfit that features a white body armor with gray details. The costume includes some gray gloves and boots, a white scarf, and a pair of black goggles.


The Absolute Zero outfit is a part of the Arctic Command Set that features four items including the female counterpart called Arctic Assassin.

How to Get It

This costume can be purchased from the Cash Shop during the Winter Seasons or if it is in a rotation.

Shop Rotation History

Absolute Zero rotation history in the Fortnite Shop. Below you can see the first and last time when Absolute Zero could be bought from Item Shop, also how many days it was seen and the dates list. This cosmetic item can be re-added in the future, so check the store regularly.

If you like to see rotations history for other cosmetics item, please check our shop rotations page.

Last Available:
October 25, 2018
First Seen:
January 7, 2018
Times Seen:
October 25, 2018
September 23, 2018
July 15, 2018
June 24, 2018
June 7, 2018
May 25, 2018
May 13, 2018
April 29, 2018
March 30, 2018
March 20, 2018
March 4, 2018
February 24, 2018
February 20, 2018
February 17, 2018
February 10, 2018
February 8, 2018
February 5, 2018
January 25, 2018
January 17, 2018

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  1. Epicness937

    arguably the most underrated rare as it has great detail and basically can go with any backbling, skydiving trail and pickaxe

  2. asdadawd

    bring him back to the shop!!!!

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