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Blackheart Skin


The dreaded captain of the stormy seas.






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Battle Pass



Requires the player to reach Tier 1 in Season 8 Battle Pass.

The Blackheart skin is available for any player who has always wanted to roam the high seas and likes to say “Argh” or “Savy” after everything. And maybe you’ll be able to fully level up this bountiful booty just in time for National Talk Like a Pirate Day. Suave personality and captain status unfortunately not included.


Blackheart allows you to embrace your full pirate potential. The design features a male character with a hooded leather coat and eye patch. As the player levels up, the skin progressive through 8 stages turning you into a ghostly skeleton pirate with a classic hook for hand and peg leg to boot.


This legendary skin set is part of the Scallywags set that allows players to deck out their character in all pirate garb. This set also includes the Sea Wolf outfit, Buccaneer outfit, Plunder glider and many other printed themed items.

There is 1 cosmetics item in the Scallywags set, check the list below to see which items are included.


April 17, 2019

The Blackheart skin is available for any player who has always wanted to roam the high seas and likes...

How to get it

The Blackheart skin is obtainable by purchasing the Season 8 Battle Pass at Battle Tier 1. The skin is progressed by completing Blackheart missions and additional color profiles are available by completing weekly challenges.

3D Preview

3D Preview is currently not available for this item.


Selectable Styles

This skin has 12 selectable styles that can be unlocked in-game, check below.

Blackheart Selectable Styles


The dreaded captain of the stormy seas.

Part of the Scallywags set.

[Unlockable Styles] , [Selectable Styles]


  • Stage 1 - Unlock at Battle Pass Tier 1
  • Stage 2 - Gain Season 10,000 Season XP
  • Stage 3 - Gain Season 40,000 Season XP
  • Stage 4 - Gain Season 80,000 Season XP
  • Stage 5 - Gain Season 160,000 Season XP
  • Stage 6 - Gain Season 200,000 Season XP
  • Stage 7 - Gain Season 240,000 Season XP
  • Stage 8 - Gain Season 280,000 Season XP


    • Default - Unlock at Battle Pass Tier 1
    • Red - Complete 10 Daily Challenges
    • Blue - Complete 25 Daily Challenges
    • White - Complete 45 Daily Challenges

      PNG Images

      Blackheart high-quality PNG images with transparent background to use them as you wish (YouTube thumbnails, skin concept and so on).

      Official Icons

      Used in-game to Shop and Locker, credit to Epic Games.

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      August 2021

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