blue squire outfit

Blue Squire


The bold warrior of Moisty Mire.


The reward at Tier 1 in Battle Pass Season 2.

The Blue Squire is a male-only outfit for the Fortnite Battle Royale Game. This Medieval-themed outfit is said to be worn by the bold warrior of Moisty Mire – one of the locations of the game.


The Blue Squire is a rare Medieval-themed outfit that features a steel bascinet, and chain-armored body. The outfit comes with a Blue and White heraldic mail and a blue scarf. The outfit comes with a decorative steel shield with the symbol of the red lion.


The Blue Squire outfit is a part of the Fort Knights Set. An identical female version is also available called Royale Knight.

How to Get It

This outfit was available as Tier 1 reward in Season 2 of Battle Pass.



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