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Can be bought from Cash Shop with 800 V-Bucks.

The Dominator is a female-only uncommon outfit for the game Fortnite Battle Royale. The Dominator is the female version of the Devastator.


The Dominator outfit features a steel-gray sleeveless shirt and dirty white pants – both covered with white and orange details and patterns. The costume also comes along with some black straps covering the body and a pair of black gloves and white and black boots.


The Dominator Outfit is part of Storm Fusion set. A male version of the outfit called Devastator is also available.

How to Get It

The Outfit can be purchased in the Item Shop.

Shop Rotation History

Dominator rotation history in the Fortnite Shop. Below you can see the first and last time when Dominator could be bought from Item Shop, also how many days it was seen and the dates list. This cosmetic item can be re-added in the future, so check the store regularly.

If you like to see rotations history for other cosmetics item, please check our shop rotations page.

Last Available:
October 25, 2018
First Seen:
January 5, 2018
Times Seen:
October 25, 2018
August 9, 2018
June 26, 2018
May 19, 2018
April 20, 2018
March 16, 2018
February 7, 2018
January 25, 2018
January 18, 2018
January 10, 2018
January 8, 2018
January 5, 2018

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PNG Images

Dominator high-quality PNG images with transparent background to use them as you wish (YouTube thumbnails, skin concept and so on).

Official Icons

Used in-game to Shop and Locker, credit to Epic Games.



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  1. ChippyYoutube


    Basically the Dominator in my opinion is pretty atrocious because, it doesn’t have any flare, any bright or establishment drawn to the eye colors and is too basic and the simplicity literally takes over the whole skin. I personally despise this skin because, it’s typically used for acts of trolling for some players. Plus, it’s a really bland piece in total and that its literally a default skin dress in (orange -gy/ white-ish / black-ish) top and pants. The piece isn’t comparable to most of the other uncommon skins. This skin comes by itself so, no glider or harvesting tool which doesn’t help with how much I hate it.
    Overall: It’s a pretty atrocious as a piece but pretty affordable in my opinion so, that’s technically the only plus side.
    Ratings: 3/10 ( +3 cheap and for new players) (-7 terrible concept, bad usage of colors, no flare, etc.)

    • Boi

      Mate it has a glider and a harvesting tool tf?😂😂

  2. J

    man this was just in the shop a few days ago and Im sad I missed it. Super simple skin but I like it, not enough brown female skins!

  3. no-chicks-allowed

    One of my most favorable green skins to date. I’m especially amazed with the lovely color combinations. A must buy!

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