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Ghoul Trooper


Epic ghoul trooper outfit.


Can be bought from Cash Shop with 1.500 V-Bucks.

Ghoul Trooper is one of Epic Costumes for the game Fortnite: Battle Royale. The outfit was introduced as part of the Fortnitemares Update.


The Ghoul Trooper makes your character look like a ghoul with a bluish skin. The outfit comes complete with ripped shirts and pants details and open flesh wounds all over the skin and face.

Although the outfit will change your character’s appearance into a ghoul, it is only a cosmetic item and does not affect the gameplay – hence you will still be attacked by the undead.


Ghoul Trooper skin is not a part of any set.

How to Get It

The outfit can be bought in the Cash Shop during the week of Halloween.




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    • Zeno Nelissen

      do you want a skin transfer ?

      • Tim

        what is a skin transfer and how did this work?

      • Tiiim17

        What is a skin Transer and how did this work?

    • Giulian Russo


      Can I buy your account

  1. LULU

    love this skin it has brought me many victories and adore it

  2. BJ

    best skin hands down, what are people on about in the comments? i want 😀

  3. nrp1124

    tbh its a good skin with good combo options but if it gets anymore overtalked then its gonna get annoying and then ppl wont care about it

  4. Issac

    I wish i had this cosmetic it is fuego

  5. vinny


    please bring back this skin my sons make a wish was for this skin he has a rare condition of cancer pleas

    • John

      Awww hope that they make his dream come true

    • Koda

      I cannot say if the thing about cancer is true or not, but if it is i hope he will get a little smile when i say that it’s coming in the itemshop on Halloween.

      Oh wait I don’t know how you’re son is doing, it’s 2 months ago you wrote this… So please don’t get me wrong.

  6. you you

    love it very nice and rare

    • YaBoiZucc


      That’s where you are wrong, I am afraid.

  7. stunt

    hope this doesn’t come back out

  8. Cancer Patient Named Caleb


    Please someone gift me this skin i have stage two cancer and would like to get a #1 victory royale with this skin. Can someone please give me their account forever because i have cancer thx.

  9. MARWAN sherzad

    Skin ghoul trooper

  10. Victor Hermosillo

    last seen in the shop november 26th 2017
    first seen october 27th 2017

  11. no-chicks-allowed


    Most overrated skin ever

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