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There can be only one.


Requires the player to reach Tier 100 in Season 4 Battle Pass.

Omega is the name of one of the Legendary male outfits for the game Fortnite Battle Royale. This costume is exclusive for players with the Season 4 paid Battle Pass and has reached the max tier.


The Omega costume will make your character look like a villain that came straight from a super-hero comic book. This costume features a pitch-black skin suit with glowing red-orange marks and patterns all-over the body, and glowing red-orange eyes. This costume is almost identical to Carbide costume but features inverted colors. The outfit also features “Omega Challenges” that allows the player to unlock and earn additional styles for customization.

Unlockable Styles

omega challenges 680x458

Omega Upgrade Items

Omega Challenges:

omega pickaxe 265x300

Omega Pickaxe

  • Challenge 1: Reach Season Level 25
    • Upgrade: Chest Armor
  • Challenge 2: Reach Season Level 35
    • Upgrade: Leg Armor
  • Challenge 3: Reach Season Level 45
    • Upgrade: Arm Pieces
  • Challenge 4: Reach Season Level 55
    • Upgrade: Helmet
  • Challenge 5: Reach Season Level 80
    • Upgrade: Entire (Super Rad) Upper Body

After 3 or more challenges are completed, you will receive the Omega Pickaxe.

omega full armor 680x383

Omega with full armor.


The costume is part of the Omega Set.

    So far there is 1 items in Omega set, check below to see some related items that are included.

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    May 3, 2018

    Omega is the name of one of the Legendary male outfits for the game Fortnite Battle Royale. This costume...

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How to Get It

In order to unlock this costume, you must first obtain the Season 4 paid battle pass and reach the maximum Tier of level 100 before the outfit will be unlocked for use.

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PNG Files

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