power chord outfit

Power Chord


Bring on the noise complaints.


Can be bought from Cash Shop with 2.000 V-Bucks.

Power Chord is a punk female costume for Fortnite BR.


The Power Chord outfit is a female-only outfit inspired by Rockstar punks. This legendary skin that features a black ragged short shirt with dark purple pants and white net body mesh. The outfit also features a neon pink hair and a spiky headband. The costume also comes with the Power Chord Back Bling that looks like a pink six-string rock guitar. The outfit can also use other Back Bling.


The Power Chord is part of the Volume 11 Set, along with the Anarchy Axe, Stage Dive, and Six String Back Bling.

    There is 5 cosmetics item in the Volume 11 set, check the list below to see which items are included.

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How to Get It

The Power Chord Outfit and the set can be acquired through the item shop when it is in a rotation. This legendary skin appears in the Featured area when it is available for purchase.

Shop Rotation History

Power Chord rotation history in the Fortnite Shop. Below you can see the first and last time when Power Chord could be bought from Item Shop, also how many days it was seen and the dates list. This cosmetic item can be re-added in the future, so check the store regularly.

If you like to see rotations history for other cosmetics item, please check our shop rotations page.

Last Available:
October 23, 2018
First Seen:
March 25, 2018
Times Seen:

Featured Daily

3D Model Showcase


power chord outfit wallpaper

If you like to download this wallpaper, please use this link to get the image in high resolution and without any compression.

PNG Images

Power Chord high-quality PNG images with transparent background to use them as you wish (YouTube thumbnails, skin concept and so on).

Official Icons

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  1. Julian Cruz

    Is there a way we can confirm if she’s coming out or not. I’ve been waiting forever for her to come back because she is my favorite skin. I’d at least like to hear she’s not coming back so I can get another legendary

    • Palakdkdld


      U only like her for the rarity or the back long because the skin is actual doo doo

      • Gduder

        How do you not like this skin, it’s awesome, and not just for the rarity.

        • Cesaro


          Epic really needs to start keeping rare skins rare because it seems
          the only rare skins nowadays will be Battle Pass skins. Please stop with the re-releases. Die hard players want to know they have something that nobody else has. Instead rather create new content and repeat the cycle. Please don’t EVER bring Power Chord back again. It must stay really ra
          Jre. r

          • Buck

            Sorry kid, but there is no reason for shop skins to be rare in any way. Sneaking mommy’s wallet out of her purse to drop $20 does not make you special.

  2. Natalie Wilhoit

    OMG EPIC NEEDS TO BRING THIS SKIN BACK. THIS AND THE DARK VANGUARD AND MY LIFE WILL BE COMPLETE!! Please please please!! I’m begging you epic!! So many people will pay you for these skins because they love them almost as much as I do!!! Please!!

    • mizzy


      i have both of the skins that you just mentioned

  3. Justin

    Yeah, bring this back. It’s one of the best sets out there. It’s a shame that I started playing after it was featured…

  4. gamer_boi69


    skin is incredibly ugly everyone likes it cause it is rare

    • Eva

      I actually like it and when it first came out I thought it was the best skin but I didn’t have the vbucks for it so that upset me

    • yah yeet

      I find the skin hot and i would like to put my seed in it thank u very much

  5. fortnite playeRz

    ima just jump on the hype train and beg epic to bring this back, i need dat guitar backbling :V

  6. Tim

    Almost 5 months and still not released. Sweet skin.

  7. Violet

    Now here is an outfit that truly lives up to the descriptor of “Legendary”. Seen only once when first released, and never since. I have personally never even seen anyone in-game use this outfit, and have begun to wonder if the V-Bucks I’ve been sitting on for it could be better spent. But I will maintain faith in the legend… my friends, we will indeed meet the Power Chord one day.

    • M0nzo

      Every time I play with it, many players come around me and send me love emotes, I love it <3

  8. Sofia Garcia

    Bring it back please!

  9. St33vn


    The skin is awesome and has become my favorite over the months. Everyone just wants it because it’s rare and they want to look cool but being honest, I think power chord just looks cool. All these thirsty kids are making up gay stories so that they can get a “rare” skin. It’s the same thing that happened with red knight. I’ve had power chord since it came out and sure, after it comes back in the shop it won’t be as special to wear. But I’ll keep wearing it because I like the look. Stop complaining and hold on to ur moms’ credit cards for a little longer

  10. Jessy


    I really hope it doesn’t come back.
    Look what happened with red knight and that skin is now the most unwanted and unloved skin. It’s good that people can buy it but it also take away what’s special about this skin and how rare it is.

  11. DJ

    im still waiting… been 5 months now…

    • Ayruno

      I have it and you’ll never get it lose, L.

  12. DJ

    no way the red knight comes back twice and this stays being released one time bring it back at least one more time

  13. JasmineFortnite

    Nearly 5 months without Powerchord… It’s a joke.

  14. unpopular opinion man

    Yea, chief, this isn’t a particularly good skin, at least for a legendary. Perhaps it would be better off as rare or epic. Everyone begs for this skin to come back due to how “rare” it is despite fully knowing that if they brought it back it would be the second coming of red knight, and all value would be lost and everyone would fuckin’ hate it. Please stop begging for it to come back unless you actually want it for the cosmetic.

    • Person responding

      Why are you even commenting when you don’t even want the skin. It’s best to keep opinions to ones self if they are quite rude. How do you know what people would feel about this skin coming back.

      • bob

        Since when are critical comments unwelcomed, you want to live in paradise? This is the world m8

    • Trinity ♤

      That’s literally what we want it for. I’m pretty sure no matter how much it was I and many other would still buy the cosmetic. The red knight (I’m sorry) was not a very good cosmetic and DEFIANTLY wasnt worth 2000 vbucks, but did I buy it be it was legendary ? NO so quit assuming everyone only wants his skin because its legendary. This skin looks way too cool to only be noticed as a legendary skin of fortnite. Maybe you’re the one that likes it for his rarity? So chill and stop speaking for yourself

  15. Chrazy

    Please bring she back in the item shop i want to have this skin

  16. John Blaska

    5 months!!! Over 5 months and STILL NO

  17. waiting for powerchord bc i like the way SHE LOOKS

    Epic Games is actually really fucking smart. They release a skin that doesn’t do well, and when people start wanting it to come back six months later, they release it, and make a fucking fortune off of it. It’s marketing strategies people; there’s nothing else to it.

  18. trey

    if anyone would donate me an account with this skin that would me lit

  19. Satisfied

    Thank you so much fortnite for bringing this skin back!!! You don’t know how happy I am!! 🤟

  20. Michael Segura

    Will the power Chord be out for 2 days like when the red knight made its 1st return

    • Dissapointed

      She was not, I am mad.

  21. JOSH

    This skin seriously needs to come back, come on Epic games! 🙁

  22. Damian

    Its back!!! Im gonna cop that 😉

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