royale knight outfit

Royale Knight


The dauntless champion of Tomato Town.


The reward at Tier 21 in Battle Pass Season 2.

The Royale Knight is a female-only outfit for the Fortnite Battle Royale Game. Royale Knight is a Medieval-themed outfit that is said to be worn by the dauntless champions of Tomato Town – one of the locations of the game.


The Royale Knight is a rare Medieval-themed premium-tier Battle Pass outfit that features a steel bascinet, and chain-armored body with a steel heraldic vest with blue and white patterns. This outfit comes with a decorative steel shield with the symbol of the red lion.


The Royale Knight outfit is a part of the Fort Knights Set. An identical male version is also available called Blue Squire.

How to Get It

Royale Knight outfit was available as Tier 21 reward in Season 2 of Battle Pass. Although the outfit can be unlocked once the player reaches level 21 in the second season of the game, it won’t be available for use until it is bought Battle Pass Season 2.



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