skull trooper outfit hd

Skull Trooper


A black and white skull costume.


Can be bought from Cash Shop with 1,200 V-Bucks.

Skull Trooper is one of the epic outfits for the game Fortnite: Battle Royale. The outfit was introduced as part of the Fortnitemares Update.


The Skull Trooper outfit features a black military suite costume with a white skeleton painted all over it. The outfit is made complete with a skeleton face makeup.


The outfit is not part of any sets.

How to Get It

The outfit can be bought in the cash shop for 1200 V-Bucks despite it having an “Epic” Rarity. The outfit is a weekly item for the week of Halloween.

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3D Model Showcase


skull trooper wallpaper

If you like to download this wallpaper, please use this link to get the image at high resolution and without any compression.

PNG Images

Skull Trooper high-quality PNG images with transparent background to use them as you wish (YouTube thumbnails, skin concept and so on).

Official Icons

Used in-game to Shop and Locker, credit to Epic Games.



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  1. hunter law

    i love this skins its my favorite i would love to have it

  2. Haakon


    Pls get it in the store i need it pls. Iam going to be so happy if you do that pls

    • Maybe will be added this year when Halloween event starts, like last year.

      • SirSteadyAim

        NO… I have this skin and THEY NEED to keep it OG. Its an amazing skin and it proves you are a full time player, since season 1. If they add this into the next Halloween it will ruin its lifetime of “epicness.”

        • Krl Pnk

          The only thing it proves is that you discovered or played the game around the time this skin was available.

        • Henk

          But you have the mako glider it proves that you played in season 1 to

        • Solo_Killer497

          Same SirSteadyAim, my friends are always asking when its coming back, but I don’t want it to, I feel special having it.

        • Limak

          That’s BS. I’m an OG player, just wasn’t into skins back then, rather had fun without spending the money on a f2p game. Now that I know I’m sticking to it I want to buy that skin, also the ghoul trooper. Anyway, having these skins prove nothing. It’s just hilarious how many people bought accounts on ebay or so just to have
          these skins and also, they paid like a lot of money for them. I want to see them people salty when EPIC brings the skins back, haha. And they most likely will. Same sh*t as with Red Knight. It was only a part of season 2, but EPIC knew how well it was going to sell if they brought it back. Just wait and watch them earning millions because of the hype

  3. Amato

    lol that one patch had to be covered

  4. Flux15

    I love. this skin but missed. out as I was not. playing fornite. when it came out please. let me know when its coming back in the shop. ?

  5. John dexen


    plz give the skin my account is pumpkin king136

  6. Krl Pnk

    Corny kids like this one just because they saw it in someone’s YouTube video. They also put wings on their outfits ’cause they saw it on someone. Makes me sick. Havoc the sexiest, then this new guy Abstract or somethin’, I like his shoes and pants. The coolest/freakiest one for me is the fish-headed one and afro guy.
    This one just Jonesy having fun for Halloween, Rabbit Raider Jonesy much better.

    • ZayalazGaming

      I like this one because it’s the skull outfit that Johnny Lawrence wears in the Karate Kid

  7. GetBigOverUso

    I really want the skull trooper plz

  8. kriag

    please bring this item back to the item shop on halloween please please please

  9. i love this skin bring it back this halloween plese epic

  10. Anouar


  11. brazenthread136

    is this a glitch?

  12. Hudson Vernon

    The skull trooper is one of the rarest skins in the whole entire game. I’m so surprised that more people didn’t get it considering that the raptor skin was the first legendary skin, why wouldn’t they won’t one of the first purple store bought items not including pickaxes. Ahhhhhhh life

    • Grimm

      I cant speak for anyone else, but I personally didn’t buy it because I didn’t play a lot and as I was even worse then then I am now I didn’t enjoy the game much. Spending money on a game you’re not going to play isn’t a smart decision, so I didn’t buy it.

  13. kraig

    please bring this skin back halloween 2018 i really want it epic please

  14. Liam

    But it’s like the best skin ever and u have to be good to use it or there is no point in having it if your bad cause ppl are going to go try hard

  15. Jackson Scott

    OMG I love having this skin it was the worlds best $20 ever spent in my whole. It sucks for the players that were not here during season 1 although that is what makes it so rare so i kinda don’t wish they bring it back.

  16. connor

    I play with myself but I have this skin im ur god 1v1 me on Minecraft if u don’t have this skin u scrub. Btw my dads a red knight so ill one pump ur nan. Cya nerds

  17. Dalyngames

    Its coming bak out for a day on friday the 13 this month due to skull trooper account scams

  18. Zak bartlett

    It’s a really good skin I think it should come back I would get that’s for sure

  19. kraig

    please add the skin back epic

  20. cristian munoz

    cucom’s pro streams

  21. RapperFeri

    Awesome skin!
    When will again available on Itemshop? 😀

  22. Beatriz

    Awesome looking skin totally

  23. ChrisBest gaming

    I Bye The skull troper butt now it is gone

  24. Braelon Batiste

    Can y’all bring back the first sniper shootout back

  25. Braelon Batiste

    I would like to have skins in fortnite but I don’t have vbucks

  26. Sheedy Mack

    This my favorite skin in the game agian

  27. Sheedy Mack

    This I my favorite skin in the game

  28. luke jhon

    i will give u 900 for the account

  29. Ethan

    If you want a Skull Trooper account or want to use one DM on discord!

    Or instagram

  30. Radoslav

    Its my favorite skin ay want this skin

  31. jax

    I want this skin soo bad I am willing to trade 2 of my skins

  32. CR7_LEGIT21

    i need this skin so bad please but it back in for halloween!!!

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