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Warning: High Voltage!


Requires the player to reach Tier 63 in Season 2 Battle Pass.

The AC/DC (or ACDC) is the name of one of the pickaxe skins for the game Fornite: BR. This pickaxe skin is exclusive for the Season 2 Battle Pass of the game.


The AC/DC is a unique-looking pickaxe skin that turns the default harvesting tool into a forking rod with two metal balls at the tip – creating an electric current. This skin is purely cosmetic and does not affect the speed of harvesting resources or damage done to other players.


The AC/DC skin is not a part of any set.

How to Get It

To unlock the AC/DC pickaxe skin, you must purchase the Season 2 Premium Battle Pass and reach tier 63 or level 63.

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  1. Trig

    I only started playing the game in season 3 and this is the only pickaxe i really would love to own, i have seen it once in-game looks awesome. 🙁

  2. kraig

    i love this harvesting tool i really want it its the best

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