axecalibur pickaxe



Stone and anvil not included.


Requires the player to reach Tier 35 in Season 2 Battle Pass.

The Axecalibur is the name of one of the pickaxe skins for the game Fornite: BR. This medieval-inspired pickaxe skin is a name pun of the legendary Excalibur sword of King Arthur.


The Axecalibur pickaxe skin will turn your default pickaxe into a medieval battle axe. This skin is purely cosmetic and does not affect the speed of harvesting resources or damage done to other players.


The Pulse Axe pickaxe skin is a part of the Fort Knights Set which includes the Blue Squire Rare Outfit and the legendary outfit called Black Knight.

How to Get It

To unlock the Axecalibur harvesting tool skin, you must purchase the Season 2 Premium Battle Pass and reach tier 35 (Level 35).

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