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The player must be a Twitch Prime member.

Instigator is a special pickaxe skin for the game Fortnite Battle Royale. This promotional item is given to players for free if certain conditions are met.


The Instigator is a cool looking pickaxe with a hammer-head on one end. This pickaxe skin features a black steel shaft, and a red pick and hammer end at the top.


The Instigator pickaxe skin is a part of the promotional set called Twitch Prime Pack.

How to Get It

This rare pickaxe skin is given to players for free if they are a Twitch Prime Subscriber. To redeem the item, you must have an Amazon Prime or Twitch Prime account and redeem it by going to and following the instructions that follow to link your Epic account with your Prime Account. Once the process is complete, every item on the set will be given to the player including this rare pickaxe skin.

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