default umbrella skin

The Umbrella


The fabled victory umbrella.


One victory in Battle Royale.

The Standard Umbrella is the default umbrella in Fortnite. It can be used instead of a glider.


Being the default umbrella skin, the Standard Umbrella looks quite dull. However, colored in metallic-blue, it offers a junkyard feeling that goes well with the apocalyptic gameplay. Also, flying towards the ground with an umbrella looks neat!

How to Get It

Getting a hold of the standard umbrella requires only one thing: a victory in Battle Royale. Being the last one alive in a solo, duo or squad game will grant you the umbrella as well as the season specific one. Flying with your umbrella lets everyone know you’ve got what it takes to be victorious.

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  1. Woemit444

    Was it only available in season 1? Of can you still get it now

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